About Us

At Straightedge, we're not concerned with "good enough" because we're not your average Restomod shop that throws parts at an old car.

We take iconic vehicles and turn them into what they should be: works of art that are meant to be experienced. It doesn't matter if it was sitting in a field full of rust or was an old barn find with 400 original miles. We transform "lost causes" and rare icons into something unforgettable.

We take a vehicle, strip it down, and build it back up bolt by bolt, replacing and repairing as we go. When it's done, you'll find a flawless body, pristine paint job, and only the best upgrades in the industry. We have so much confidence in the parts we use that we sell them directly.

Check out our builds and see what parts we use, and then try them out on your own projects. You won't be disappointed! Not only can you find components to restore your American muscle to its former glory, but you can find upgrades for your daily driver or work truck to revamp them into something versatile and/or stylish.

Go check it out! The road is waiting!